Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beyond the Godforsaken Face

Over the high skies

In the city of love
Where all things are beautiful
Lived a figure so inscrutable,
silent and unheard of

Some say
There lives a monster
So horrid and creepy
Nobody wants to view

Whilst inside that monster
Lies a heart so exquisite
Whilst below that hunch on his back
exist a mind full of kindness
worthy of a love
greater than this galaxy is worth

A simplicity of the mind
of someone so shallow
of a heart so pure
as friendship arose
with a gypsy so alluring

As his heart yield
As his hopes amended
For a love so deep
to thy gypsy who lanced that
immaculate soul

His hopes crushed
For a view so annihilating
As a love so deep
crushed by a single view
of a kiss to another

His heart shattered
But still hopeful
He arise and battled
For the love
of the woman
who enthrall him
And awakened the spirit
that kept deep
on the surface of his undiscovered heart.

Long I wait
For a Love Story
To a story like this

Long I wait
beyond my skin
My heart enthralled
by thy love
who allured my heart and soul

Long I wait . . .