Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Prayer for the Night

As the moon's shine

nearing to fade
into the ray of the bright sun
I close the day with a single prayer
One I hope that the Almighty God
Will bless upon
so my days
will be blessed and forgiven
on my sake of forgiveness

I pray for my family
Who has given and enlighten me the gift of life
Who has given me all the love and care
Who has forsaken me due all my mistakes
But still love me nevertheless

I pray for one I love
As I pray to Thee
For a never ending hope
in my heart
so I will always be hopeful for her sake
And so I will always be cheerful
despite a chance of sorrow
dissolving the colorful paints on my heart

Alast I pray for me
Will u give me strength and happiness
Hope and willingness
Health and wisdom
to help arise my day and my life
To worship Thy name
All for the Name