Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want, Gone and Back

Tonight i thought of something

about all i've said
about all i've done
and about all i've created

And to think all that
was full of sins
done to gratify myself
but also to make God above despise me

I wish
I was blind
So all that's despicable
I cannot see

I wish
I was deaf
So all that's not God's will
I cannot hear

I wish
I was mute
So all that's despicable of saying
I cannot say

I wish
I was paralyzed
So all that's bad to do
I cannot do

But what good is life?
when all i can do

What good can we do?
when all of us
are despicable to God
as we are sinners

Thank Lord for Christmas
As You gave us one more hope
of survival and love
As we could live today
with hope of sitting next to You

All we got to do is...


Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Missing Piece - Un Morceau Manquant

All I hoped

was a love
to change one feeling
As it was crushed
to a million pieces
which i can't mend
without someone to help me

All alone I mended
All alone I tried
As my heart took shape
One piece was missing
And so my smile dissolves
Realizing something was missing

Then came something
What I thought was irreplaceable
Was found
But not with the one before
This piece
is more than I can hope for
More than I can imagine
More than anything
And more than enough
To mend this broken soul

As it was before
I wanted this piece
As my soul hungers for perfection
and happiness will arise to my days
All I want now
All I hope for
is her
to give me the piece
and put it on my heart
And make it shine
And that clear smile
Will come back
Once again...

I LOVE HER . . .

French :

Tout j'ai espéré
était un amour
changer le sentiment de celui Comme il a été écrasé
à un million de morceaux
que je ne peux pas réparer sans quelqu'un pour m'aider Tout seul j'ai réparé
Tout seul j'ai essayé
Comme mon coeur a pris la forme
Un morceau manquait
Et donc mon sourire se dissout Le réalisant de quelque chose manquait 
Alors est venu quelque chose Que j'ai pensé était irremplaçable
A été trouvé 
Mais pas avec un auparavant 
Ce morceau est 
plus que je peux attendre 
Plus que je peux imaginer 
Plus que n'importe quoi 
Et plus qu'assez 
Réparer cette âme cassée Comme il était auparavant 
J'ai voulu ce morceau 
Comme mon âme a faim de la perfection et le bonheur surviendra à mes jours 
Tout je veux maintenant 
Tout j'attends est elle me donner le morceau 
et mis cela sur mon coeur 
Et faites-le briller 
Et ce sourire clair Reviendra De nouveau...  

Je l'AIME...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Prayer for the Night

As the moon's shine

nearing to fade
into the ray of the bright sun
I close the day with a single prayer
One I hope that the Almighty God
Will bless upon
so my days
will be blessed and forgiven
on my sake of forgiveness

I pray for my family
Who has given and enlighten me the gift of life
Who has given me all the love and care
Who has forsaken me due all my mistakes
But still love me nevertheless

I pray for one I love
As I pray to Thee
For a never ending hope
in my heart
so I will always be hopeful for her sake
And so I will always be cheerful
despite a chance of sorrow
dissolving the colorful paints on my heart

Alast I pray for me
Will u give me strength and happiness
Hope and willingness
Health and wisdom
to help arise my day and my life
To worship Thy name
All for the Name

A Glimpse of Indefinite Hope

This time I've gone over the edge

This time I've really fell
over the trench
Of indefinite hopes

Seeing those words
which made me think
Who is he?
That thee refers to?

I wonder
This man
is he who i think he is
And from my blindsighted mind
A name emerges
is it ME?

How I feel embarrassed
Even to myself
As I pop up these names
That the world may not know
unless for the one who i care

I hope for thee
To reveal that name
To end this annihilating curiosity
That neither I nor the world shall know
So it will be you, me, and the Omniscient.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

That Single Beep

Since that day

Faithful day
All I long is That Single Beep

A single noise on my phone
Long I want to hear it
Long I want to see it
Long I want to open it
So I'll keep in touch

Long I wait
Then it happened
That beep rang
The world seems to smile with me
As I waited to hear
That Single Beep

The only thing is...
What am I going to do next ?

Beyond the Godforsaken Face

Over the high skies

In the city of love
Where all things are beautiful
Lived a figure so inscrutable,
silent and unheard of

Some say
There lives a monster
So horrid and creepy
Nobody wants to view

Whilst inside that monster
Lies a heart so exquisite
Whilst below that hunch on his back
exist a mind full of kindness
worthy of a love
greater than this galaxy is worth

A simplicity of the mind
of someone so shallow
of a heart so pure
as friendship arose
with a gypsy so alluring

As his heart yield
As his hopes amended
For a love so deep
to thy gypsy who lanced that
immaculate soul

His hopes crushed
For a view so annihilating
As a love so deep
crushed by a single view
of a kiss to another

His heart shattered
But still hopeful
He arise and battled
For the love
of the woman
who enthrall him
And awakened the spirit
that kept deep
on the surface of his undiscovered heart.

Long I wait
For a Love Story
To a story like this

Long I wait
beyond my skin
My heart enthralled
by thy love
who allured my heart and soul

Long I wait . . .

Friday, November 13, 2009


In this time

I feel nothing inside
My heart seems to crinkle
as it is bored
waiting for a friend
to long beside it

My heart feels weary
also in doubt
for this heart
feels it's color
is one's darkest hope

These eyes
long for view
a mystifying sight
which quenches my thirst
of an angelic dainty
upon these hazy eyes

Long last it came
As thy angelic voice
whisper to my ears
make my day
and euphoria
define my day

All I long is that day
will I face my fear
will I confess to thy angel
All one's heart affection

All I need is your heart
to yield and be vacant
for my soul to bear
All we need is